I found last class period (Tuesday, January 15, 2013) really fun!  I love making Weebly sites!  I am still uncertain about some aspects of the class--I am nervous to make/edit videos, etc., but I hope that as the class progresses, I will learn how to do a lot.  For instance, I know that I was wary of making a Weebly site before Tuesday, but it turned out to be a great experience.  I particularly like how this class centers around doing and not just discussion.  I know that dialogue is an important part of the process, but I love creating, as well.

I was most excited about the hyperlink e-portfolio model.  I want to incorporate it for the vita section of my web page.  The model of a hyperlink e-portfolio given in the module section of Canvas looked so accessible to viewers of the e-portfolio.  

I found the discussion by Helen Barrett interesting.  Despite my love of creating over discussion, I agree that metacognitive learning is the most important way to self-regulate learning, as she said.  I used the golden circle model in another part of my life this week--somewhat nerdy, but true--outlining what, how, and why I wanted to write something for an online magazine, and I found out a lot of things about my motives.    

Thanks for a great week!       

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